Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Learning Nursing

Blimey is it really may? Where does the time go?

-->Uni Continues
-->SOS BUS continues
-->Links Continues
-->Work Continues at the hospital
-->driving lorries hopefully over the holidays
-->festivals start soon

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Learning Nursing: Yet again months have elapsed

Evening, My voluntary work continues - Two gigs so far this week with another tomorrow. PLUS a club night, so thats about 20hours for first-aiding. THEN on top of that I have been planning for the time I teach the kids thats about another four or five hours. PLUS I have also done seven hours for a friend helping them with their youth group. So a full-time job then! ! ! (I even have their washing going around my machine as we speak)

This however will stop! Full-Stop.

Back in the real world (out-side voluntary ambulance services) I am just keeping my head above water with my university work. OK so I am currently just about up-to-date but definatly not roaring ahead with any course-work. Essays MUST be written, and my placement starts next Monday. Voluntary work must decline!

I know when things become to get hectic as it shows in my health.. (both physical and mental) and I have become a profanity machine again.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Yet again months have elapsed

So more months on and what has happerned?
Well we are nearing the end of our Critical Care theory module and are soon to go out into the big wide world of placement again. I continue with my voluntary work (did the Kerrang and NME tours, Darkness and other gigs) and ambulance course. Having observed on a AmbuFast last Friday. This week I am doing two gigs at univerisity. Then I am going to be on placement and trying to write an Essay.

Not been anywhere exciting I am afraid, just the odd night out here and there. I miss my travels to far away places to see friends.

My Laptop seems to be falling to peices. The Hard Drive keeps making some really worrying sounds so I think it might be about to go horribly wrong. Need to get a new hard drive I think. I write this on my old dusted down Elonex PC. I actually think I could do with a new laptop but money is scarce at the moment. And I am going to have to think about cars in September.

Oh Well.

Night All

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Nearly two months on

Well its been a very busy time throughout November and December.

I have been on placement in my district general hospital, passed the placement which is ACE, Written an essay on "Empowerment" handed that in (await fail result) and had christmas.

I also got a tax rebate for lots of money which is nearly all gone now.

New year will be spent down south somewhere.

New Years resolution is to keep an open diary online.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


As Hospitals across the country are currently under financial strain (not a new phenomenon) in their wisdom they have decided to cut back on bank/agency staff, some of this means:
Depts may not be covered with adequate staff, and workers have been told they're not allowed more than two bank night shifts a week!

This means no more jobs for me! As the area where I do lots of work is currently not being allowed to cover un-trained staff shortages!


Started my next placement yesterday.
After getting home at some god unearthy hour and sleeping for eight hours I was off in my blue uniform for another 12.5 hour day on the wards.

I was slightly nervous to begin with but that was soon settled when I was set off to shadow the ward sister!, also the lady who Interviewed me all those many months ago before I started the course!

Was a quiet day will the normal compliment of staff so that helped make things run smoothly (well as soon as we'd got the night staff to come back in after returning home with the keys to the drugs trolly by mistake!)

Last night after I'd finished I popped upto the Emergency Dept's where some of my fellow students are on placement at the moment. They seemed to be having fun which was ace. Then off to the fireworks where I had aggreed to put in a few hours First-Aiding.

Finally at about 10pm I got home to tea then bed.. I am shattered today!


Manchester was fantastic!
Went to see my brother then off to a mates house for a pre-party warm up.
Then off to town to another friends birthday bash.

Had a fab time.

Friday, October 28, 2005


I oftern refrain from writing in my blog because I worry that I may overstep the mark. Maybe I allreddy have? Tonights another such occasion where I will refrain from puttin my feelings and thourghs/experences down, This is why my blogs not as exciting as others I read.

Went to my little first-aid uni group tonight and had the useual back-stabbing going on, (FOURTEEN HOURS!) <-- just a dig! There is serious favortism going on, as well as self promotion. One such example is the girl in-charge of the group who's (in my opinion from what I as an outsider see) Self appointed herself as a Team-Leader. Now lets look at this:
Me = Student Nurse, MANY MANY hours with the group, AED, Leadership Courses, Older, Experence with the venues, etc.. etc..
This Lady = 14 hours with us and a basic first-aid qualification = Self-Promoting for kudos

Now whilst I am not at all looking for promotion, I strongly belive this person does not posess the skills or qualifications for the title "TEAM LEADER"

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Nothing of any clinical significance last night, however I was astonished at the numbers of people who'd spent some serious time and money on preparing their costumes, we had my winners:
  • HEMS Doctor, with full orange jump suit!, Very Good!
  • Riot Police man, with proper Plasticuffs, (and used them - good job I had my tuf-cuts)
  • Some amazing nurse types with VERY short dresses!
There was also the usual hundreds of pairs of scrubs littering the place, some Builders?, Cowboys? Men-in-Black? and many other none-emergency related costumes.

And for the record the "AMBULANCE PARALYTIC" there had to be 'freed' from his handcuffs!